Human Resource Management

• Recruitment and selection
• Training and development
• Developing HR Strategies
• Developing HR Policies & Procedures
• Change Management
• Job Evaluation & Grading

Governance and Social Justice

• Human Rights Programme
• Institutional Strengthening
• Youth and Women Empowerment
• Humanitarian Accountability


• Baseline , Midterm and End line Assessments
• Feasibility studies
• Project Monitoring and Evaluation
• Third Party Monitoring (TPM)

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• Financial Management and Fundraising
• Managerial and Leadership Training
• Corporate Governance Frameworks



HACOF has experience in conducting high quality surveys and research that respond to various information needs for purposes of informed decision making and dissemination. HACOF specializes in; baseline , midterm and end line assessments, feasibility studies, project monitoring & evaluation and third party monitoring. Our team comprises experts with ample knowledge, experience and skills in the in data handling, data processing and generation of reports with in-depth knowledge of the sociopolitical and cultural context in Horn of Africa.


Project Management

HACOF has wide range of experience in facilitating all aspects of project management. Areas covered under project management include; project management cycle, financial management and fundraising, managerial and leadership training and corporate governance frameworks among others. Our team comprises seasoned experts with unique training/facilitation’s skills with hands-on experience of similar work in project management, in training institutions and organizations around the globe.


Environmental Services

HACOF equally attaches great importance to environmental issues have assumed great prominence in development facilitation. HACOF offers high impact environmental services such as; environmental Impact Assessment, social Impact Assessment and environmental Audits. HACOFs environmental services facilitators are accomplished experts in environmental issues facilitation, policy analysis and capacity building among others.


Governance and Social Justice

At the centre of HACOFs services in Governance and Social justice is the response to questions such as what are the most common governance challenges facing the profit and non-profit organizations today? What steps should our leadership and board take to avoid common governance pitfalls?. On the same note, Social justice issues occur globally, nationally, regionally, locally, and within groups. These issues are a result of unequal wealth and resource distribution, unfair treatment of individuals with differing traits (race, culture, sexual orientation & religion) among others.

Organizational Development and Human Resource Management

Prudence in the use of an organizations resources is key accountability issue. HACOF is aware of the importance organizational development in the utilization of an organizations resources to improve efficiency and expand productivity and solving problems within the organization. HACOFs interventions are based on the action research model which begins with an identified problem or need for change in this area, have enabled institutions and organizations balance many tasks efficiently and effectively.

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